Beef shin is a brilliant option for slow-cooked recipes such as boeuf bourguignon. We like to use it in place of minced beef in dishes such as chilli con carne or ragu Bolognese as well to add a richer dimension. Try our recipe for SLOW BRAISED SHIN OF BEEF ON THE BONE.

We favour traditional and rare breeds and our organic beef herd comprises South Devon, Gloucester and Aberdeen Angus animals, all raised on grass pasture and wild forage. We dry-age our beef to ensure the best possible flavour.

To cook, first sear the beef shin on medium-high heat for a deep caramelised flavour and golden-brown colour, add liquids like wine, stock or vegetables according to your preferred recipe and let simmer to slow cook before shredding. Reheat at 180°C/gas mark 4 for 20 minutes. These are guidelines only as cooking appliances do vary. Always ensure that meat is cooked thoroughly and piping hot.
Keep refrigerated 0-5°C. Consume within the use by date. Once pack is opened use on the same day. Suitable for freezing on day of purchase. Use within one month. Defrost fully before use. Do not re-freeze once defrosted.
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